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What game is this?

Orbit Dash is a rhythm game where you should avoid the spikes by going in and outside of the orbit.

How do I play it?

Click the screen to switch between in and out.

Can I make my own level?


For Computers, here are some keys that helps you build a level:

left/right arrow key: put spike in/outside of the orbit

down arrow key: remove spike at the place where timeline is

Spacebar: beat the orbit

Tab key: change to next song (this will remove all your work)

1/2/3 key: change speed of the ball to slow/normal/fast

"R" key: go back to start

"U" key: upload level to the server

"P" key: test level

Gameplay Video


orbit-dash-android.apk 37 MB

Development log


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best game ever 10/10 would recommend